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Our food supplements and nutraceuticals are designed to enhance your well-being. They provide specific micronutrients for your body and can be used as a natural remedy for wellness concerns.

We use only pure, traceable ingredients with no fillers for maximum absorption by the body.  LEARN MORE      


Our sport and natural medicine range is formulated for athletes and the highly active. 

This range supports the immune system, encourages recovery from injury and can boost athletic performance.
The metabolism of an athlete is different from a non-athlete; we tailor our supplements for the maximum benefit.




Beauty starts within, and our skin, hair and nails reflect what we put into our bodies. That’s why we’ve created our nutricosmetics range.

We harness the power of botanical extracts and carefully researched ingredients to enhance your unique and natural beauty.  LEARN MORE

our story

ETRUSCOPHARM is an Italian company located in the heart of Tuscany, with an international
footprint. Etruscopharm was founded by two women, Helena and Vania, passionate about health science research,
nature and the wellness Tuscany exudes.

We fuse rigorous scientific research with the power of nature to innovate natural supplements and nutraceuticals. Our products help the body to function at its best and heal — in a natural way.

We are committed to delivering only the purest products with the maximum benefit for our customers.

Etruscan wisdom, fueled by science

The brand is inspired by the Etruscans, an ancient civilization that lived in Tuscany (Etruria) thousands of years ago. According to archaeological findings in the Etruscan Tombs, inhabitants of this ancient civilization were experts in plants native to their land and revered the local fauna for its healing effects. Today, these same plants are still being used for their therapeutic benefits.

ETRUSCOPHARM looks to the Tuscan landscape for wellbeing, in the same soils the ancient Etruscans once walked upon. They connect the Etruscan wisdom of plants with continuous scientific research.

Who we are


To promote optimal well-being using natural therapy | Produce pure and exceptional quality products | Make the difference in our customers’ lives | Innovative solutions from nature | Provide transparency, traceability and certified ingredients


Safety | Passion for Health | Respect for Nature | Efficiency | Integrity

quality is a priority

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Made in Tuscany & Certified in Germany

Our formulations fuse the science of modern medicine with age-old Tuscan remedies. Our laboratories meet the highest requirements of food quality standards. Our products are continuously verified by unbiased laboratories in Germany.

Exclusively in hands of experts

Our products are found only in pharmacies, at the doctor, the therapist, nutritionist or certified health food stores. With expert advice and a product formulated for your specific needs, you can get the best results for your wellbeing.


All ETRUSCOPHARM products are fully declared. Transparency is at the core of our values, and
what you read on the outside is exactly what’s on the inside.

Individual responsibility & Manufacturing

At ETRUSCOPHARM, we create with humanity in mind. We produce our capsules solely at our laboratory in the heart of Tuscany. Local, onsite production allows us to maintain our exceptional standards, adhere to our ethical values, and demonstrate our care for our customers’ wellbeing.
As a local producer of specialist natural supplements, we take great pride in our products. We avoid working with fully automated filling and external bottling factories. Instead, we work by hand to fulfill every step of this process in our own laboratory. You will never find ‘manufactured for’ stamped on our bottles — just our own (eco-friendly) labels!
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OUR COMMITment TO THE planet

Etruscopharm packaging

Our packaging is plastic-free.
The ETRUSCOPHARM aluminium can is light yet robust. It prevents damage during shipping and ensures safe storage for your capsules and powders. We never use plastic in our product
labels. The paper we use is eco-certified and environmentally-friendly refills of our products are available to minimise waste.

Etruscopharm lab
We only use certified, strictly plant-based capsules made from cellulose (HPMC; Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose). The capsules are free of colorants, allergens, preservatives and
GMOs; they are not irradiated, are kosher/halal and ISO 9001:2015/GMP certified.

Optimized production processes

Optimised working saves on waste and energy. This starts in the office and is continued throughout the production process. We aspire to produce as little waste as possible, and are responsible in the handling of our resources.
Our shipping and packaging material is recyclable and eco-friendly — from carton packaging all the way to our masking tape made from ethically sourced paper.


Why are supplements necessary?

Dietary supplements are products that provide specific nutrition. Supplements can be used to add nutrients to your diet to promote optimal functioning, or in a therapeutic capacity to target health concerns. They can contain: vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fatty acids, enzymes, amino-acids and botanical extracts.

A dietary supplement can help to prevent micronutrient deficiencies. In the long term, micronutrient deficiencies can lead to malaise and unwanted symptoms; it’s important to have a rich source of nutrition in your diet.

Some people have higher nutritional requirements, specific nutritional requirements or are more prone to deficiencies. These groups include (but are not limited to):

  • People with chronic stress
  • Athletes and people participating in intensive exercise
  • People in recovery from disease or injury
  • Those who suffer from auto-immune or other chronic diseases
  • Pregnant women
  • Those who regularly drink alcohol and smoke
  • People following specific diets that limit or restrict certain food groups
  • Those seeking maximum well-being

Our modern diets overemphasise macronutrients (such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates) at the detriment of micronutrients (nutrients your body needs in small amounts — but with an important role to play in the body’s functioning). 

An example of a macronutrient would be the fat found in an olive; micronutrients from the olive would include vitamin e, vitamin k, niacin, as well as a unique combination of phytonutrients that have a role to play in the body’s functioning. 

A well-rounded diet is essential to well-being, and supplements should not be used to replace this. However, because of contemporary food production systems, even well rounded diets can lack the necessary nutrition.

Why do contemporary diets contain less nutrition?

 1. Intensive farming practices deplete the soil of key nutrients that plants and livestock uptake, that we then consume through our diets. Maximum profit is secured at a huge cost to the health of the earth and quality of the food we eat.
2. Most of our foods are grown and produced very far away. Fruits and vegetables are harvested when they are immature, treated with preservatives, artificially ripened and subject to long journeys to reach their country of consumption. This results in inferior nutrition in the foods we eat.
3. Cooking foods at high temperatures (such as roasting or frying) and for long periods of time lowers the nutritional value of your food.
4. Nutritional value reports on foods were often carried out many years ago. They do not take into account new global production and cultivation systems.


Important notes:

  1. Food supplements must be made with pure raw materials and free of colorants, preservatives, technical aids and fillers for maximum benefit.
  2. Each supplement must be tailored for the required usage.
  3. They must contain the highest amount and quality of raw material needed for therapeutic use — or you won’t be able to obtain your desired result.
  4. The raw materials must be synthesised to contain maximum bioavailability in order to be completely absorbed in the body.
  5. Traceability of all components is essential, from origin to the production process. They must all be certified.

At ETRUSCOPHARM, these standards are at the core of our production philosophy. We guarantee safe, expertly manufactured and exceptional quality supplements.


commitment with quality

Our commitment is to ensure that our customers always have a premium product.
We achieve the highest standards of purity, certification, sustainability, analysis and bioavailability in our supplements, and are tireless in our quest to source only the most
outstanding raw materials.

Everybody is unique, and we provide you with unrivalled supplements to help you feel your best in your body and live your life to the fullest.

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