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In this range, we provide food supplements and nutraceuticals that offers in the nutrition, defense, prevention and natural treatment for a variety of diseases and health instability. 
In our formulations, we use only pure and traceable ingredients, in order to ensure the maximum absorption in the organism. LEARN MORE      


In this range we offer supplements targeted for athletes and people under especial treatments for injury recovery, especially those injuries caused due to intense physical activities.

Our products are tailor-made to attend to the needs of this category, as the metabolism of an athlete is different from a non-athlete individual. LEARN MORE

In this range, we introduce products with the “Beauty from within cosmetics ” concept, which incorporates food ingredients and botanical extracts. We confirm the important role nutrition plays in our skin, meaning that our skin reflects what we eat and what we apply externally.  LEARN MORE

Who we are

a few words about our story

ETRUSCOPHARM is an Italian company with an International footprint. Located in Tuscany, founded by two women, passionate in health science, nature and the wellness Tuscany exudes.

We believe in the cure and prevention of diseases using health therapies, helping the body to recover in a natural way. Our core business is the development and production of Nutraceuticals and Natural food Supplements.

We are committed to deliver only pure products with maximum efficiency. 


The brand is inspired by the Etruscans, an  Ancient civilization that lived in Tuscany (Etruria) thousands of years ago. 

According to Greek and Latin authors, as well as archaeological findings in the Etruscan Tombs, this civilization were great experts in plants from this territory, and their healing effects. Today those plants are still being used in a variety of formulations.    

ETRUSCOPHARM is a bridge connecting ancient wisdom with continuous Scientific research and Innovative Natural Solutions for Human Well-Being. 


Provide well being and prevent ‘diseases’ through a healthy therapy. | Offer pure and best quality products for any individual who prioritize a healthier life. | Make the difference in our customer’s life with high outstanding quality products | Ensure the usage of only traceable and certified ingredients


Safety | Passion for Health | Respect to nature | Efficiency | Integrity

quality is a priority

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Made in Tuscany & Certified in Germany

Our formulations take inspiration from age old tuscan remedies and holistic medicine with the science of modern medicine & research. Our laboratories meet the highest requirements of food quality. Our products get continuously verified by unbiased laboratories in Germany.

Exclusively in hands of experts

Our products are only found in pharmacies, at the doctor, the therapist or nutritionist. Only well advised and with a product that is specifically formulated for you, will you obtain the best results for your health.


All ETRUSCOPHARM products are fully declared. That means, that you will find inside, exclusively what is written on the outside! We rely on full declaration and transparency.


Individual responsibility & Manufacturing

At ETRUSCOPHARM we are placing an emphasis on the human being. We produce our capsules solely at our manufacturing location. This generates the highest quality finished product, creates local employment opportunities and allows us to take responsibility for our customers every day. We consciously refrain from working with fully automated filling process and utilising external bottling factories, preferring to handle every step of the process in our own laboratory. We are proud of what we are doing, which is why we are taking full responsibility as a local producer of specialist products to support your health and wellbeing. That is why instead of a “manufactured for” you will only find our label on our products. 
packaging • capsules • process


Our packaging was designed to be practical, safe and plastic free.

The ETRUSCOPHARM aluminium can is light, yet robust. It ensures a safe storage of our capsules and powders also throughout the shipping. We refrain from using plastic in our product labels and the paper we are using is eco-certified. Environmentally friendly refills of our product are available too.

We exclusively use certified, strictly vegetarian capsules made from cellulose (HPMC; Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose). The capsules are transparent and free of colorants. They are free of allergens, not irradiated, Kosher/Halal, free of preservatives, GMO-free and ISO 9001:2015/GMP certified.   

Optimized production processes

Optimised working saves on waste and energy. This starts in the office and continues in a responsible production process. Our aspiration is to produce as little waste as possible, as well as responsible handling of our resources. Our shipping and packaging material is recyclable and eco-friendly. Starting from carton packaging up to the masking tape made from paper. We also consciously avoid recyclable plastic.


Why food supplements
are necessary?

Dietary supplements are substances you might use to add nutrients to your diet or to lower your risk of health problems, they usually contain: vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino-acids and herbal extracts.

A dietary supplement acts to prevent micro deficiencies. Micro deficiencies are not immediately evident at a level that demonstrates a symptomatology, as macro deficiencies do (macronutrients are: proteins, fats and carbs).

  • Those who show micro deficiencies in their analysis or has symptoms
  • Those under chronic stress
  • Athletes / who practices competitive sport
  • People in recovery phase (disease, chemotherapy, etc.)
  • Those who suffer from auto-immune diseases
  • Diabetes’ patients
  • Women in pregnancy
  • Those who regularly drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes
  • Those who follow a specific diet
  • Those who wants to achieve maximum well-being, quickly, and have maximum energy

Nowadays, our food is full of macronutrients such as fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates, however they are poor of micronutrients.

What are the factors that determines this?

  1. The food production process (usage of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides)
  2. Breeding with industrial techniques, use of antibiotics, medicines and steroids.
  3. Logistics and origin of goods. Most of the food comes from very far away, immature fruit and vegetables arrive after long journeys, even treated with preservatives, and with artificial and unnatural ripening techniques.
  4. The consumption of non-seasonal food
  5. The type of cooking: In fact, many use cooking at high temperatures. Above 42 ° many vitamins are inactivated at this temperature
  6. The nutritional values ​​reported on foods were often through tests carried out many years ago, and do not take into account the new production and cultivation systems.

Important notes:

  1. Food supplements must be made with pure raw materials and free of colorants, preservatives, technical aids and fillers.
  2. Each supplement must be specific for the required usage.
  3. Must contain the maximum quality raw material, otherwise it will not give the desired result.
  4. The raw materials should contain maximum bio-availability in order to be completely absorbed in the body.
  5. It’s very important to have the traceability from all components, from the origin to the production process, and all phase should be certified.


commitment with quality

It is our vision and commitment to always offer our customers a top quality product. We don’t compromise when it comes to the selection of our raw materials, as we’re aiming for the highest standards of quality, purity, certification, sustainability and bioavailability. 

Everybody is unique, and we provide you with only the best quality ingredients to allow you to feel comfortable in your body, so you can live your life to the fullest.

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