OptiMSM®: The Secret To Younger Looking Skin

OptiMSM® is one of our essential nutricosmetics for healthy, younger-looking skin. What are the benefits of taking OptiMSM®  for your natural beauty?

We all want youthful, radiant skin. The secret few people are privy to? A youthful glow doesn’t come from a bottle — it comes from within.
We don’t just mean beauty of the soul (though this gives us an outer glow unparalleled by any physical feature). Our bodies need the right nutrition and building blocks to maintain a healthy appearance and stop us from looking like we’ve lived longer than our years.

What causes our skin to look older?

Excessive sun, drinking, smoking, an abundance of processed foods, exposure to polluted city air, toxic beauty products… They feel like ‘the good life’ at the time, but eventually these lifestyle habits start to show on our face. Wrinkles, dullness, sagging skin and other signs of aging can appear earlier than we expect.

Even with model lifestyles, there’s no escaping the passage of time. Our bodies change over the years, and this is a natural, beautiful part of life.

Supplements can help us to harness our body’s biology to promote younger looking, glowing skin. As science advances, so too does our ability to target beauty concerns using supplementation. Give your body the tools it needs, and you can get an enviable glow and even see a visible reduction in signs of aging on your skin. Enter: NATURALSKIN OptiMSM®.

   What is MSM and how can it help to turn back the clock?
OptiMSM® (the only patented MSM worldwide) is one of ETRUSCOPHARM’s key nutrients for a radiant complexion (under NATURALSKIN brand). This powerful nutrient is one of the best kept secrets for younger-looking skin in the world of nutricosmetics.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally occurring sulphur compound. Sulphur is one of the most abundant minerals in the body; our bodies thrive on it. Sulphur builds and repairs DNA, protects the body against oxidation (causing premature aging and disease), reduces inflammation and helps to maintain the integrity of the skin’s connective structure.

In particular, MSM helps to switch on the key genes responsible for healthy, younger looking skin, promoting the maintenance and repair of collagen (giving your skin firmness) and elastin (allowing your skin to stretch and rebound). A 2015 study found 16 weeks of
supplementation with OptiMSM® statistically improved crow’s feet, skin firmness, tone and texture compared to baseline. This means visibly smoother, glowing skin!

A radiant complexion is a marker of inner health. MSM has been widely studied for its ability to reduce inflammation in the body and promote wellbeing; the visible benefits for the skin may come as no surprise. While MSM occurs naturally in food in small amounts, our diets are generally low in this compound. Supplementation can prove greatly beneficial.

OptiMSM®: pure as Tuscan spring water

We wish everyone knew this crucial but little known fact: not all supplements are created equal. Today’s market is saturated with supplements made to sell — with little regard for purity, safety and effectiveness.

At Etruscopharm, our passion for health shines through in the quality of our supplements; we source the world’s purest MSM: OptiMSM®. OptiMSM® is guaranteed free from heavy metals and other contaminants; it’s purified four times before bottling and undergoes regular, rigorous testing. You get a supplement as pure as the spring water from the Tuscan Apuan Alps!

Want to try OptiMSM® for yourself and help beam your inner radiance outwards? See ETRUSCOPHARm’s NATURALSKIN OptiMSM® here. [Link]

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